Barris the Bear in

BEAR-ly There

Finally! A bear simulator with some real kick!


Survive. Fill your stomach by chomping down on salmon and berries.


Hibernate. Prepare yourself for the harsh winter. Get as fat as can be and sleep your troubles away.

Do general BEAR things.

Hop and Roll your way through the woods, go for a swim, do what bears do! Barris has difficulties staying on his feet in this rag doll based physics game.

"Equal parts hilarious and frustrating.

Step aside Goat Simulator and QWOP, there’s a new impossible to control bear in town. His name is Barris, and he’s extremely well animated (procedurally I believe). As you attempt to move, you can feel Barris’ tragic heft work against you. Equal parts hilarious and frustrating. While I never fully understood how to move forward, I was able to shake, rattle and roll to some fish. With Barris’ face pinned between ground and body, jaws desperately snapping, I ate one.

Barris the Bear in BEAR-ly There originally started as a jam game for TOJAM 12 (with the theme prepare for disappointment). The majority of this game was built within those 48 hours. Since then we’ve polished added and have refined the gameplay.  We wanted to infuse humour with a unique ridiculous form of movement; and create a fun immersive experience. The artwork was inspired by minimalistic , cartoon, and comic looks. Brushed skylines, subtle halftoned textures, bold colours, and soft lighting; Fun but beautiful.


BEAR-ly There is currently available for on Mac & PC. Join in Barris’ wild adventures!