Rusty's Rail

Ride the rails in this train simulator.

All Aboard!

Ride the rails with Rusty, in this riveting train simulator. Experience a wondrous countryside, in a unique line art style. Relax to soft classical music. Join Rusty for a day in the life of a train conductor, and see just how fast you can get to the next stop!

"Absolutely striking visuals

It’s a beautifully calming experience that mimics surrendering yourself to the inflexibility of traveling by rail. When you combine this with the beautiful soundtrack and absolutely striking visuals you’re left with a beautiful way to center yourself without having to buy a train ticket.

A casual train game where you earn money for taking passengers to different destinations and can spend that money on upgrades for your train!

Endless, easy going, and maybe even a little spicy if you pick up the right passengers.


Rusty’s Rail is currently available for free!